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Softball Outposts on The Web

Amateur Softball Association Home Page - THE National Governing Body
Vince Denny's Softball Page - Usually good for a little controversy
Sluggers' Softball Page - Timely reporting on the collegiate softball scene
Fastpitch Forum - Web-based BBS conferencing and more.
Softball Gear and More - "Everything Softball on the Internet" - Drills with attitude
Metro Atlanta ASA Junior Olympic Softball - Region 4 Resource!
National Fastpitch Coaches Association (NFCA)
Kansas City ASA
Metro Cincinatti ASA Junior Olympic Softball
Colorado Fireworks Tournament Site
The King and His Court - The official site of Eddie Feigner
Women's Professional Fastpitch League - online home of the new league
Softball B.C. - Softball guide to the great white north
Phenix Fastpitch - Al Doran's site (more fastpitch on the tundra)
Kilsyth Daimond Softball Club - Softball Down Under
Walkerville Softball Club - More Softball Down Under
South Australian Softball Association - Even More Softball Down Under
Washington State Fastpitch - Softball where the sun don't shine
Nike Softball Camps - If you can't send her to Arizona ...
Elite Fastpitch - Softball in the northeast

College Recruiting on The Web

The Official NCAA Website - Clearinghouse info and lots more
Softball Recruiting Web Source - THIS IS IT! Cathi Aradi's web site.

Information and Communication - THE place where fastpitch fanatics meet!
MouthFastpitch Forum Chat - No one's ever here, but it's cool... JAVA required
Softball Pitching at the 1996 Olympic Games - An elite fastpitch biomechanics study!
Fastpitch World - On-line home of FASTPITCH WORLD magazine!
Maven Sports Videos - Softball Training Video (including some Ernie Parker stuff)
Fund$Raiser Cyberzine - Not softball specific, but info on a necessary evil.

Teams on The Web

Our Team: Travel Teams on the Web - Get your team a web site!
Colorado Pony Express - As close as it gets in Colorado
Long Island Chargers- Another strong team web site (winters are cold I guess)!
St. Louis Sluggers
California Squeeze - Includes California coaches registry
Florida Lady Bombers - Now this WAS pretty serious softball
Kansas City Impact
Central Pennsylvania Krunch Softball
Barry University Softball - Proof that size doesn't matter?
Florida State University Softball
University of Florida Softball
University of Georgia Softball
Georgia Tech Softball
Georgia State Softball
Humbolt State Softball - More proof size doesn't matter. 1999 Division II champs.
Kennesaw State Softball - A tradition of Division II excellence.
Florida Atlantic University Softball
Florida International University Softball
University of South Florida Softball
Eastern Kentucky University Softball
St. Cloud State Softball
College Conference/Team Page Index - A good effort by a softball netizen.


Crystal Sportsware - Stats and Tournament Draw products
Timeless Technology
HomeRun! - Stats software for the Mac and Windows ( We use this one! )
At Bat Stats II - Brought to you by "Floppy Fluffware"... gotta love it!
All-Pro Software - Stats and Tournament Draw products
MOJO Software

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